Group class 45 min. - $20
Individual Sessions 60 min. - $80

Breathwork is a self-empowering practice that improves the body's natural healing ability. During this conscious breathing session, we will use a connected, circular breath, along with affirmations and intention, to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This altered state will allow the subconscious to come forward for a deeper level of healing on the mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. Physically, Breathwork can provide energy, clear toxins, and eliminate physical symptoms caused by lower vibrational patterns.

Our breath holds the key to bliss, so let's unlock the closed doors and release what no longer serves. 

The session will be 45 minutes; please arrive 10 minutes early. Bring a pillow, a yoga mat, and a bolster/pillow to place beneath your knees. You will be lying on the floor, so bring anything you'll need for comfort; loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.

Group sessions take place at our Webster Groves location, 31 N. Gore Avenue, on the first Saturday and the fourth Sunday of each month.