Our Commitment to You

​​​The number one reason worldwide people visit spas is to manage stress. Given the stress of the current situation with Covid-19, we are committed to providing you with a space to simply relax and invest in your overall health and well-being under this new set of social norms that have been placed upon us.


​Keeping the well-being of our staff and guests as our top priority

  • We are utilizing non-contact credit card processing for payments, and asking you to pay for your appointment in advance. If you need to pay your charges or a tip in cash, please have exact change ready.
  • We are practicing verbal and visual greetings without touch
  • We are promoting sanitation and hygiene efforts visually with signage throughout our spas
  • Please don't bring any outside food, drinks, packages or bags with you into the spa

Staying home when ill (both staff and guests)

  • You will be called the day before your appointment and asked several health screening questions, which are required by local ordinance and CDC guidelines
  • Please take your temperature at home before arriving for your appointment. Anyone with a temperature in excess of 100 will not be allowed to remain in the building
  • Your temperature will be taken by a non-contact thermometer when you arrive for your appointment
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, new or worsened cough, trouble breathing, new or worsening body aches, sore throat, and new loss of taste or smell.
  • You will be asked the health screening questions again when you arrive for your appointment
  • Our staff will also have their temperatures taken and be asked the health screening questions each day when arriving for work, and have been told to stay home if they do not feel well

Offering personal protective equipment as required by law to protect staff and guests

  • ​Every employee will be wearing a mask, and changing their mask between each guest
  • All guests will be asked to put on a clean, sanitized mask upon arrival, and will be required to wear the mask at all times except when lying face down during a massage or during a facial service

Practicing physical distancing in non-treatment spaces

  • You will need to wait in your car until your appointment time and we will call or text you when your therapist is ready
  • No one will be allowed to accompany you to your visit - our waiting areas are closed at this time
  • Your appointment times may need to be adjusted up to 30 minutes earlier or later to accommodate heightened sanitation protocols. If you are on a tight time schedule, please take this into account when scheduling your appointment. 

Mindful and visible handwashing (both staff and guests)

  •  We will be asking you to wash your hands when you arrive
  • Our staff washes and sanitizes their hands before, during and after each service to maintain a safe touch for you