Dakota Gonzalez, Licensed Massage Therapist

Dakota has a deep passion for the healing powers that massage has to offer, and uses his knowledge to help others gain relief from pain and to feel more at-home in their bodies. Dakota completed his massage therapy training at The Healing Arts Center and graduated in December of 2013. After graduating, he was taught traditional Chinese foot Reflexology under two amazing teachers from Mandarin, China. Dakota is always open to learning new concepts and styles to make his work more effective. His massage style infuses Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger point, Swedish, and Foot Reflexology to provide treatments fitted to the client’s needs. In a society where we are constantly getting ourselves into poor postural habits from driving, sitting for long hours at a computer, and looking down at cell phones, a massage from Dakota is a great way to bring body awareness and help maintain overall body health. When not practicing massage, Dakota enjoys hiking, gardening, and playing music.