​Facial Enhancements

Decollete   - Adding this service extends your facial service to include the commonly over-looked skin care area of your neckline, your décolleté. Complete with customized products. $10

Farmhouse Fresh Elbow Rescue Treatment  - Application of Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze exfoliator to the elbows, and finishing with Shea Butter application, to treat rough, dry skin.  $10

Heated Moisturizing Hand/Foot Treatments  - application of deep moisturizing Shea butter cream to the hands or feet with heated mittens/booties for silky smooth skin.

$5 for feet; $5 for hands

Heated Exfoliating Hand/Foot Treatments  - application of Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze exfoliating serum with heated mitts/booties to treat rough, callused, dry or tired hands/feet, followed by light moisturizing massage with Shea Butter cream

$10 for feet; $10 for hands

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Utilizing light, rhythmic strokes, the therapist manually stimulates the lymphatic system and helps drain puffy, swollen tissue aiding in detoxification. *w/select therapists.

$20 - 15 min.