Full Body - 75 min. - $95

Back only - 30 min. - $45

Hands - 10 min. - $15

Feet - 20 min. - $30

Couples scrubs available at our Webster Groves and Soulard locations. Pricing is per person as listed above.

in a silky rice bran oil and sea salt scrub that will captivate your senses, as a light citrus aroma engulfs you. Your treatment concludes with a Citrine Beach Body Milk Lotion massage so tranquil you’ll hear waves in the distance.

The Berry Essentials - Indulge in a Quinsyberry Botanical Oil soak -- rich in vitamin C from blackcurrant berry extract. A captivating raspberry vodka sea salt scrub polishes until skin gleefully glistens. Finally, breathe deeply and exhale as you’re massaged with a passion fruit-steeped, coconut milk lotion to restore hydration and revitalize tired skin. Voila! You look berry beautiful, darling!

​Full Body Salt/Sugar Scrub

Citrine Dream - Slip away and forget the day as you’re cocooned into a comforting Citrus-Cilantro soak with a grapeseed and olive fruit oil blend. Then, polish off your troubles - along with dry skin -

The Dreamsicle - A little taste of your childhood summer in every treatment! Dry, parched skin is enveloped in a Clementine scented blend of 6 nourishing oils. A sweet cream scented salt scrub polishes all your rough edges, followed by a white velvet vanilla Whoopie Shea Butter massage. Completely dreamy.

Watermelonade Refresher - Enjoy a calming, antioxidant-rich Citrus-Cilantro soak with a grapeseed and olive fruit oil blend. Next, skin is refined and invigorated with a fresh Watermelon Basil sugar scrub polish infused with Square One Organic Vodka. This skin renewal finishes 

with a whipped citrus-vanilla Shea butter massage. You’ll want to pour yourself another of this juicy body refresher!