Natural Health Consultation - 30 min. - $40
pH Balancing - 30 min. - $40

Iridology - 30 min. - $40

​Schedule our Natural Health Package of all 3 services for $80

Natural Health Services

Natural Health Consultation
In a natural health consultation, we take into account your entire self which includes body, spirit, mind, and emotions.  All questions and dialogue we share is in quest for your own best health and wellness.  I do not care what you weigh, but I do want to talk about how you feel in many different ways.  Homeopathic medicine can offer a huge and confusing range of options, and my goal is to simplify all the information to fit your exact needs and situation.  

pH balancing  
pH in saliva and urine tells us many things about your overall health:  what vitamins and minerals you are (or are not) assimilating, how your digestive system is functioning, and how quickly and effectively you are getting rid of waste.  All of these factors determine your daily energy levels and ability to finish tasks.  We will look at your numbers, and find small things you can do right now to improve your overall longterm health.

Iridology has been around since 1665.  It is the study of patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris to determine information about your systemic health.  Blockages, built up toxicity, pain centers, organ and tissue health are just some of what our eyes show.  With a very specialized software, I will take a picture of your eye and we will run a report that measures depth, lines, constitution, acidity, furrows and lacunae.