What to Expect

What to Expect if You're New to Spa Services or 
New to Our Spas

In addition to the items that you should expect if you're new to our spa (click here), there are a few other things to take into consideration if you're having a spa service at Morgan Ford Spas:

Full Body Scrub (Salt, Sugar or Scented):  Do not shave your legs (or other body parts that are to be treated) on the day of your service.  Shaving on the day of your scrub will open up the hair follicles and pores, increasing the chances that the dead sea salt or sugar scrub may irritate your skin.  It's better to save shaving for after your treatment.

Foot Scrub, Foot Mask, Pedicure, or Paraffin Treatment:  Wear shorts or loose fitting pants that can be rolled up.  You will stay dressed during this service, unless you opt to relax in one of our spa robes.

Facials:  Arrive with as little makeup as possible.  Your face will be cleansed prior to the treatment; however, excess makeup or eye make up may be difficult to remove or interfere with your facial treatment.

Waxing:  Hair should be a minimum of 1/4" in the area to be waxed (about the length of an average eyelash).  If hair is in excess of 1/2", we recommend trimming it to 1/2" or less, to make your waxing treatment more comfortable.  Excessively long hair can cause the wax to "pull" and may lead to a painful experience.  You may also want to purchase Bare Ease topical anesthetic cream (available in our spa or on our website) to apply 20 minutes prior to your appointment.  This product contains 4% Lidocaine, which numbs the skin and makes waxing less painful.

We use a 6 step waxing process, including cleansing the area, applying a prep oil to keep the wax from sticking to your skin, powdering the area (for larger areas), wax application, Azulene oil application to remove any wax residue, and application of Finipil post wax lotion to prevent ingrown hairs and sanitize the area.

We use a beeswax based soft wax which is removed with a cloth strip, and a beeswax based hard wax which maintains its flexibility and does not require the use of cloth strips for removal.  Your particular waxing technician may use one or both types of wax, depending on the body part being treated.